Martial Arts Gorleston, Lowestoft and Yarmouth

“Jiu-jitsu is the gentle art. It’s the art where a small man (or woman is going to prove to you, no matter how strong you are, no matter how mad you get, that you’re going to have to accept defeat. Thats what Brazilian
Jiu-jitsu is.”

Saulo Ribeiro

Learn Jiu Jitsu Gorleston and Great Yarmouth! !

  • Proven Self Defence system
  • Ground Fighting art that specialise in Grappling
  • Relies on Joint Locks, chokes and Strangulations to subdue an opponent
  • Perfect for anyone, but especially smaller less Athletic persons. Allowing them to disable and control much bigger opponents.
  • Great health benefits as you follow the #BjjLifestyle
  • International Sport with lots of prestige
  • Founders of Modern MMA – so indespensible for any martial artist even thinking of MMA

Today, BJJ is generally recognized as the most effective form of ground-fighting. It employs no striking techniques, and is practiced wearing a gi, and it employs a belt system (white, blue, purple, brown, and black).

Our lineage is GI based through Roberto Atalla of the Rio Grappling Club. Our Head coach Shaughn Vos received his Black Belt from Roberto in 2016. We teach you how to defend yourself against a bigger stronger and more athletic opponent using Scientific principles and rules, like gravity and leverage – This way a much smaller, weaker person can protect themselves effectively in hand to hand combat!

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